View Full Version : Danau Kembar (Twins Lakes) in Solok - West Sumatra

10-03-2015, 09:42

In West Sumatera, there one regency which has a nick name “Negeri Seribu Danau” or thousand lakes’ Land is Solok regency. Solok has some beautiful lakes. One of them is Danau Kembar or twin lakes. Danau Kembar lake is located in Bungo Tanjung, Alahan Panjang, Solok, West Sumatera province. It has beautiful scenery because there are mountains and tea plantation. Because the lake is located on the high land, this tourism area has fresh air.

The lake is named Danau Kembar or Twin Lake because they are closely located and the two lakes are on Bukit Barisan hills area. West Sumatera people call the lakes with Danau Diateh or Di Atas Lake and Danau Di bawah Lake. The lakes are about 60 Km from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra Province. If you want to see the two lakes, you just go up to the peak of Bukit Barisan hills between Diateh and Dibawah lakes. If you want to go around Diateh lake, you can use Antarnagari ship which is usually used by local farmers. Usually on Sunday or national holidays, the ship will serve tourism route. But you cannot go around Dibawah lake.

If you want to go to Danau Kembar or Twin lake, it takes around one and a half hour from Padang city by using a bus. The bus will take you go down the 60 kilometer long winding roads. Along the way, you will see ravine at Bung Hatta forest. Before arriving at the lake, you will see beautiful panorama of tea plantation. Surrounding the lake, you will find many passion fruit, persimmon, strawberry and Dutch eggplant as well as florists in pots. The view will make tourists want to stay longer.