View Full Version : The Beautiful Bremi Waterfall in Probolinggo - East Java

09-03-2015, 14:48

Bremi waterfall is located at Bremi village, Krucil sub-district, Probolinggo regency, East Java province. From central city of Probolinggo to Bremi tourism object, it takes around one hour by using land transportation. If you use public transportation from Probolinggo, you have to take a bus to Pajarakan. After arriving in Panjarakan, you can continue your trip by using city’s transportation to Bremi. Probolinggo can be accessed for around two and a half hour by using land transportation.

To enter this Bremi waterfall, you can get the low price for the ticket enter. From parking space, you must walk around two kilometers to the waterfall. The route is not easy. Besides its distance place, the road to the location is full of steep and muddy roads, moreover in rainy season. Even, there is narrow footpath which is only able to be passed by one person. Not only that, you must also pass through the river and big stones. So, you have to be careful and have excellent stamina to arrive at the waterfall.

At the location, there are two waterfalls, up and below. Its water is very cool and fresh. The below waterfall is around 15 meter high and rocky. At the location, many tourists take a bath under the waterfall and also take a picture. Meanwhile, to go to the up waterfall, you must walk around 500 meter from below waterfall. But the up waterfall is more interesting. The waterfall is more than 20 meter high. Besides swimming and taking a bath, visitors can also do camping. To go camping at the up waterfall, you must bring your own camping equipment.