View Full Version : Dolo Waterfall, Besuki - Kediri

04-03-2015, 16:59

Dolo waterfall reside is in 1200 m height above sea level. It is about 20 km, 30 minutes from Kediri City. This waterfall is across to Irenggolo waterfall, exactly on Besuki. This is one of Kediri tourism objects that have interesting scenery. The air is fresh and it can be enjoyed with family, because the water also very clear and clean. The visitors can bring some foods to enjoy the scenery below with the family. Try to visit Dolo waterfall and find the peaceful situation.

This tourism area is equipped with some tourism facilities, such as; playground, camping ground, area for jogging, cross-country, hiking, etc. This natural scenery is mountainous, so that it will give you fresh and cold air. Enjoy and feel its natural scenery in here, hence you will get something unforgettable.

To get Dolo Waterfall itself is pretty time consuming, about an hour from the town of Kediri city. But the trip will not be felt with a view on the right and the left that feels cool because the area often rains. Chance also approached the mountain so the journey covered a fairly thick fog. After had to stop in the village of Besuki and continue the journey by foot because the road heading towards Dolo Waterfall hike and not be impassable to vehicles. The streets in the form of stairs made of rocks circling the area.

27-10-2015, 12:16