View Full Version : Bukit Jamur (Hill Mushroom) in Gresik - East Java

04-03-2015, 11:34

Bukit Jamur (Hill Mushroom) is tourism destination in Gresik, East Java. This unique tourism of Bukit Jamur Gresik is worthy for exploration. Located on limestone hill of Bungah village, at least suited for photography lover activities, or anyone who wants explore different sensation their travelling. To reach this location, from Gresik city pass Pantura road after pass Sembayat Solo river bridge till three-junction of Bungah village, then turn left following the directions to Dukun village for about one kilometer on the right side of the road there is an area of limestone hills of Bungah. After going straight until the t-junction of the street then left to look towards the Hill Mushroom. This eruption process on the stones remains of minerals changed similar to mushrooms, because at the bottom is more fragile than to the top position.