View Full Version : Apple Picking Tourism in Batu - East Java

03-03-2015, 17:57

“Apple City” is identic with the city in East Java, this is Batu. Because Batu city in Malang is known as an “Kota Apel” or “Apple City" is an original product of the apple. The local people process apple into various products, such as jam, chips, and juice. Not only for apple products, Batu city administration also developes the apple farm into tourism object called Apple Picking Tour. Today, Apple Picking Tour which is located in Batu city Malang, has become favorite tourist destination, either for local or international tourist.

Some village in Batu city, such as Bulukerto village, Sidomulyo village, and Suberrejo village, offers apple picking tour. To do it, you must pay 15.000 rupiah for one ticket. With this ticket, you can tour in apple farm, enjoying Batu city fresh air while picking the apple. You can enjoy the apple at the farm. For juice lover, you can also juice the apple that you already picked. Batu’s apple is different from other apple products in Indonesia. Batu’s Apple is famous with its fresh, sweet, with a little bit sour taste and its greenish color.

You can take your apple as a souvenir, but you must pay 15.000 rupiah per kilogram. Then for those of you that feel tired and hungry, there are lots of restaurant around this tourism place that also offered apple related menu, such as Apple Beef Steak, Apple Chicken Steak, Mie Sarang Apel, Apple Fried Rice, etc.

Much of apple farm in Batu city is open from 8.00 a.m to 5 p.m. Beside apple picking tour, there are some village that offer chip and juice from apple processing tour. You can found this tour in Sumbergondo village. So now if you come to Batu, we can do orange, guava, dragon fruit, and strawberry picking tour, beside apple picking tour.