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03-03-2015, 17:29
Welcome to Desa Wisata Lombok Kulon, Wonosari - Bondowoso!


Desa Wisata Lombok Kulon or you may call Organic Tourism Village in Lombok Kulon. It is a village in Bondowoso Regency, East Java. Uniquely, since 2009 this village has applied organic village concept in which most of its horticultural products use organic pattern. Not only that, at Lombok Kulon village, there are around 40 fish ponds which cultivate gourami, tilapia, and catfish, all of them are cultivated organically. Because of this organic concept, the regional government decided Lombok Kulon as organic tourism village.

It takes around 30 minutes from Bondowoso city to the organic tourism village. The attraction of Lombok Kulon is on its organic products. If you visit the village, you will see various activities of organic farming, such as how to make fertilizer and horticultural cultivation. At the village, there is a place which is often visited, it is organic house. At the house, you will learn in detail the process of organic vegetable cultivation. At the village, you can also directly pick and shop the organic products.

Interesting activities in this organic tourism village, is organic rice farming. Now, Lombok Kulon farmers are the only pure organic farmers in Bondowoso. In 2013, their rice product received organic certification from Seloliman Organic Certification Agency. After feeling satisfied with the organic farming, you can see various fish cultivation which also uses organic system. There are various fish which are cultivated by the local people. Not only that, in this village there is river tubing by using a tire. By the river tubing, you can enjoy the clean and cool two kilometer long stream of Wonosroyo River. At the river, there are 25 tires prepared. If you want to stay at night, there is a home stay at Lombok Kulon village.