View Full Version : The Beautiful Siring Kemuning Beach, Bangkalan - Madura

27-02-2015, 16:54

Madura Island has some beautiful beaches, one such beach is the Siring Kemuning beach. Just like any other beaches in Madura island, Siring Kemuning beach is still not fully utilized for tourist destination. Because of that problem, this beach is still relatively empty and still has minimal facilities for tourist. Siring Kemuning beach situated near a small town called Bangkalan.

Siring Kemuning beach has a beautiful white sand. Great attraction of this beach is enjoying sunset in its horizon. Rare tourists visiting Siring Kemuning beach make this beach looks natural. Siring Kemuning beach is suitable for one who likes adventure destination.


Siring Kemuning beach is situated in Mecajah village, Tanjung Bumi subdistrict, Bangkalan district. This beach can be found at the north part of this district. The distant of the beach from the town center is about 40-50 kilometers. From the town center to the beach it takes an hour by car.

Sarang Kemuning beach is beautiful, it is as good as other popular beaches in Indonesia. White sand with some rock scattered along the coast will amaze you. It is getting beautiful with some fisherman’s boat parks along the coast line. Sea waves rolling toward the beach in various size and its sounds make you feel so peaceful.