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26-02-2015, 10:33

Located in the center of Banjarmasin and overlooks the river Martapura, Sabilal Muhtadin Grand Mosque is named after the great scholars Sheikh Muhammad Al-Banjari Arsyad (1710-1812) who developed in the Islamic kingdom of Banjar. Sheikh Muhammad Al Banjari Arsyad also is the author of Sabilal Muhtadin.

This Sabilal Muhtadin Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the city of Banjarmasin and the pride of its citizens. Located on Jalan Sudirman, Banjarmasin, not far from the Governor‘s Office. Sabilal Muhtadin has a unique shape with a distinctive dome. In this mosque complex also contained urban forest and not far from the Park Mascot and Siring Martapura River. Sabilal Muhtadin was built 10 November 1974 until October 1979.

This mosque can accommodate 15,000 worshipers covering part in as many as 7,500 and in the courtyard to accommodate 7,500 people. The mosque building is divided into the main building andtower. The main building of the extent of 5250 mē, which is a place of worship space and 3,250 mē of space inside the two-story portion breadth of 2000 mē. It is important for you to dress modestly and covered while visiting Sabilal Muhtadin as a form of homage to the forging of worship and congregation.