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17-02-2015, 15:49
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West Sumatra was one of many provinces in Indonesia that had so many beautiful sceneries. That was why the province had a big chance to be one of the tourism centers in Indonesia. One of many tourist destinations in there was a small town located in Minangkabau Highlands, called Bukittinggi. There is waterfall was located in a valley on Tanah Datar regency, Padang, called Anai Valley or “Lembah Anai”, which was why the waterfall was called Lembah Anai Waterfall.

To come to the waterfall was quite easy, the travelers could reach the location by their private car or public transportation. It was only about 60 until 90 minutes drive from Padang.

According to some local people there, there were two other waterfalls aside the waterfall by the main road, but to reach the other two, travelers need more stamina and preparation because those two other waterfalls were located deep inside a natural reserve forest above the first waterfall, and there was no path built for tourists there, yet. But it might have been prettier and the atmosphere was also more tranquil than in the first waterfall.

In front of Lembah Anai Waterfall, there was an old railway track which crisscrossed the main road in several place in the valley. It was not a usual track, it was a rack track instead. A rack track enable a locomotive to drag wagons climbing through a slope. Unfortunately, the track was not in use for regular trains anymore.