View Full Version : Rongkang Beach, Bangkalan, Madura

14-02-2015, 22:39
Rongkang beach is one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkalan.

An unspoiled place, by trees and rocks and beaches, making this beach is more unique than the other tours.
But unfortunately, this beach has not been managed well by the local government. Though its presence is very significant for the visit.


The beach is located in District of Kwanyar and position on the side of the road, making this beach is more easily reached by motorcycle. Rongkang beach is one beach that was in Bangkalan district, located close to the Suramadu bridge.

ongkang beach is located in Kwanyar, 35 km south of Bangkalan city. This beach is quite different with any other beach in Madura Island, there is no sandy beach over the edge of the beach but bushes over the cliff. We can see the ocean on up to the cliff with the blue sky open.

There is some rocks formation in here and there, the dancing coconut trees that seems to call the visitors who passing by and enjoying the nuance.

This nuance on this Rongkang beach is good for photo section for it as cliff and will be amazingly beautiful at noon, when the sun goes to set down.