View Full Version : Mount Talang, Tropical Mountain in Solok - West Sumatra

13-02-2015, 17:21

Mount Talang (the other name Salasi or Sulasi) is active volcano in Solok regency, for about 9 kilometers from Arosuka city, Solok regency. About 40 kilometers east side of Padang city.

Mount Talang is 2,572 meters above sea level and it has a soothing view. From here you can overlook the beautiful Kembar Lakes and Lake Singkarak. It's one of the six active volcanoes in West Sumatra. It is said that the tea grown here tastes wonderful. The view is breathtaking and the weather is cool and pleasant.

View the active craters, there are four of them. For those who are interested to climb this mountain, you can admire the edelweiss flowers that grow here. Bask in the relaxing and comforting atmosphere and view the wonderful sights of the lakes and surrounding.

Talang Mountain has many exotic and rare species, one of which is tropical pitcher plant. Nepenthes inermis is probably the rarest variety of tropical pitcher plant. This plant lures insects and digests them to stay alive.

You can go there by take a car from Padang to this area. Alternatively you can take a bus or public transportation from Padang to Solok.