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Mount Baung Natural Park located in the Village of Cowek, Purwosari District, Pasuruan Regency, East Java Province. An area of ​​195.5 hectares is designated as a Natural Park, because Mount Baung adjacent to the Botanical Garden has Purwodadi biodiversity and natural beauty.

As an educational center of biological natural resources and ecosystem conservation, the region began to develop a variety of facilities and infrastructure for some activities such as educational resources, environmental conservation, inventory of flora and fauna, the practice of environmentally friendly technologies, environmental education, adventure tourism activities, as well as the vehicle for outdoor activities open.

The vision of management Baung Mount is the creation of a harmonious relationship between the villagers around the area with natural resources and ecosystem of Mount Baung through tourism activities is limited. While the mission of management as a Natural Park is to realize the eco-tourism with conservation of natural resources while improving the welfare of rural communities around the area.

Mount Baung Natural Park management aims to;

Provide recreation and tourism services are limited;
Encourage the rational and sustainable utilization of Mount Baung Natural Park for the construction of tourist attractions and nearby villages.
Preserving the unique germplasm resources in the region of Mount Baung Natural Park

Potential Natural

Mount Baung Natural Park Regions lowland tropical forest biodiversity that stores are still experiencing. One of the most unique is the area of ​​bamboo forest communities. In addition, there is a banyan tree (Ficus benyamina), walikukun (Scoutenis ovata), and the saga (Abrus precatorius), which also adorn the existing tropical forests. In addition in this area can still be found, Deer (muntiakus muncak), Boar, Porcupine, Java monkey, eagle, etc.. Forest area in the location of Mount Baung Natural Park quite ideal for educational activities, research, recreation and adventure.

Beautiful scenery and cool with a background of two pieces of the mountain, and Botanical Gardens Purwodadi also complement the beauty of the area of ​​Mount Baung Natural Park. The highest peak in this region is Mount Baung [501 masl]. The natural beauty of the mountains can be enjoyed by visitors through the tower of view [tower], roaming the forest [hiking], camping [camping], as well as other outdoor activities we already provide.

In the area of ​​Mount Baung Natural Park there are two permanent rivers that continue to flow throughout the year, the River and River Beji Bungarus fasciatus. Bungarus fasciatus to cross the river, upstream of which there is an overpass over the river stretches. Both of these streams can be used for water supply and irrigation, energy generation, fishing, or river fringe activity [fun-rafting & river boat]. Fringe activities of the river using rubber boats using the river rock as a track. During the rafting, visitors can also watch the action big bats roost in trees at certain seasons and certain types of protected animals can still be seen also in this trajectory.

Coban Baung waterfall with a height of 100 m is an interesting attraction for visitors. The waterfall is a confluence of two rivers, the River and River Beji Bungarus fasciatus. The high cliffs around Coban Baung will also add to the beauty of this place. In addition to Coban Baung waterfall, on the east side of Mount Baung Natural Park also has four waterfalls with a height of 100 meters located along the River Bungarus fasciatus. And in front of the waterfall there Baung Camp icon in the form of arena Slooping raise enough adrenaline

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