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11-02-2015, 11:32
https://lh3.ggpht.com/c1fApsTsRO9trGqunvg_4lBcUDrJlFcEqGqhjS7bR3Re_V3ure pETIB2jTOwfKMVTQE=w300-rw

Found this little application about Madura island tourism. Visit Madura Island Application will guide you to find something incredible inside Madura. There will be descriptions, high resolution pictures that show some destinations inside the island, information about accommodation and any related things about Madura.

Madura is one of the regency in East Java province. Settled on northeastern coast of Java, Madura Island is administratively part of East Java province with more than 3 million people inside the Island. Administratively, Madura is divided into 4 regencies, which is Sampang, Sumenep, Bangkalan and Pamekasan. Those regencies are having the same color of culture but there are some particular uniqueness in every inches of the area. Looking at the diversity of the people and culture inside those 4 regencies, Madura Island is also worth to be explored in case of the nature resources, culture diversities, potential products and many more.

Download Visit Madura Island application and get your pack to this exotic island, find out the indigenous, taste the local food and say hi to the Madurese around you.

and if you have problem using this application, you can contact the developer team on info@mahoni.com or visit www.mahoni.com

Have a try and have fun :D

Visit Madura Island mobile application, available on :
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