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06-02-2015, 10:37





Sitimang Ceramic Market

If you are collector of one of those who love Ceramic, while visiting Jambi, you can come to Sitimang market at Sisingamangaraja street. This market is popular with its ceramics since 1980s.

At this market, you can find ceramics in various forms such as in small jars, standing jars, tableware to decorate the house, animal form ceramic and more. The Ceramics that are sold here are shipped directly from China, with different and unique motives.

This place is such a hive for those who crave for ceramics in, both in vintage and modern one. The visitors are not only coming from local place, but also from outside Jambi, even outside provinces.

Do not worry about the price, for you can have it in affordable way. For instance, it takes only IDR 30,000 for small ceramic or IDR 3,000,000 for big standing jar. Those price are way affordable than any other places that sell ceramics with the same quality.