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05-02-2015, 17:02

Kaja Island, also known as Pulau Kaja at Central Kalimantan province of Indonesia, is part of the BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation center for Orangutans, as the pre-release state for the orangutans in the last step before these orangutans return into the wild habitat. Kaja Island is the first pre-realest Island for orangutans of BOS.

The Island occupied almost 110 hectare and is home to about 40 rehabilitated orangutans, awaiting the re-release in the forest. Kaja Island has seasonal floods that submerge the ranges forest trees on the Pulau Kaja, as Kaja Island is located in the Rungan River of Central Kalimantan. Cruising the Rungan river towards the Pulau Kaja, we can spot the wild Orangutans from the riverside.

Beside the orangutans, the islands has diverse other wildlife and birds. It is not possible for the visitors to get in too close to the orangutans as any contact with humans have to be avoid as they are trained to become wild and it is therefore imperative that they have as little contact with human beings as possible, as their enemy.

All the five island are located in the Rungan River, as only spot the orangutans from the boat alongside, for more information or education of the orangutans, one can visit the Nyaru Menteng Arboretum where you will also be informed of the BOS campaigns against illegal logging of forest and orangutan killings.



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