View Full Version : Batumeana Beach, Coastline Mangrove in Topoyo, Central Mamuju

04-02-2015, 11:04

Batumeana beach is one of the series beaches that you can visit when you are in West Sulawesi, Central Mamuju. This beach is exactly situated about 7 Km from the Topoyo, administratively on Tumbu village, Topoyo sub-district, Central Mamuju Regency.

The beach with a long coastline and overgrown by mangrove is often used as a site of worship for Hindu Mateng citizens. As it known in Central Mamuju Regency has the many percent of residents are Hindu, descended from Bali, and they also appear in the ritual activities, as well as that carried out in the area of their origin.

Batumeana Beach will be crowded by local Hindu when days of great faiths such as celebrate Galungan, or Kuningan, the days of the Hindu Bali became the center of a fairly lively worship activities incur, they typically conduct activities on the coast of Batumeana. This is similar activities when we find in Bali such as tanah Lot, where worship is done in areas close to the coast.

On weekdays so this beach is not too crowded, if you wanted to see the culture of Hindu in Central Mamuju so come to Mamuju beaches on the feast, there are many traditions and rituals that are interesting to see.

Batumeana Beach has tourism potential religious culture which can be explored as one of the tourist destinations, there are rituals and traditions that can be photographed and seen directly, the same thing as this reinforces the elements of culture in Bali.