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Napabale Lake is a salty lake lies at the foothill of Lohia village, Muna, Southeast Sulawesi. The sense water of this lake is like salty sea water. The lake is adjacent to the sea connected by a 30 meters long and 9 meters wide natural tunnel. Through this tunnel, Lake Napabale obtain water supply from the ocean.

The amount of water on the lake is highly dependent on the tidal of the sea. If the tide is high, the surface of the lake rises and the connecting tunnel will be covered by water. However, if the sea water receded, the lake will also water decreased and the tunnel is opened. The tunnel is often used by fishermen as a track when leaving or returning from fishing.

Visiting Lake Napabale, the tourists can enjoy two enchanting natural attractions at once, the lake and the beach. The beauty of the lake can be enjoyed while yachting on a boat or by diving under the water while watching the amazing scenery. Tourists can ask for fishermen’s help to escort them to the middle of the lake, where there is a green coral island overgrown with trees.

Satisfied with the atmosphere of the lake, tourists can cross through the tunnel toward the beach. At the beach, tourists can relax, play with the waves, or sunbathing. However, crossing through the tunnel would be difficult if the sea is on high tide. Because, at that time the tunnel would be covered with water.

There are two alternatives to reach Lake Napabale, using ships or aircraft. Using the ship, the journey starts from the Port Nusantara located in the city of Kendari headed to the Port Raha in city of Raha with a travel time of about 4 hours. From Port Raha, the tourists can continue using katinting (boat engine) to the Gulf Muna that happened to be adjacent to Lake Napabale with travel time of about 15 minutes.

While if you use the aircraft, the journey starts from Walter Monginsidi Airport which is also located in Kendari, toward Sugimanuru Airport located in Muna, or 25 km from Raha.

After arriving at Sugimanuru airport, the journey continue to Raha using public transportation with a travel time of about 30 minutes. Then, you can go directly to the lake by taxi or motorcycle taxi with a travel time of about 20 minutes.


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Napabale Lake

The Location:
Lake Napabale is located in Lohia district, Muna regency, Southeast Sulawesi province, for about 15 kilometers from Raha city, the capital of Muna regency.

The Access:
From Walter Mongonsidi airport Kendari. Then go along to Sugimanuru airport, Muna regency by ferry boat. Then to reach Raha city from Sugimanuru airport, the visitors can take public transportation about 30 minutes. From Raha city go straight on Lake Napabale by taxi or the local transportation (ojek) take about 20 minutes.