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Moramo waterfall is located in Cape Nature Reserve Forest areas that have a broad Peropa 38,937 Ha. Precisely in South Konawe or about 60 km from the city of Kendari, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Wrapped in the atmosphere of serene beauty and flow that is so cool breeze is the most amazing natural gift for tourists to travel. In the tourist area of this waterfall is also there is a potential wealth of natural stone of marble. It is estimated, the content of marble as a whole ranged 860 billion cubic meters. Marble in this area is one of the sources of the world's largest marble reserves.


Unique levels
Waterfall Moramo a multilevel waterfall (cascade) with a height of about 100 meters. From that altitude, the water flowing through the seven main levels. This brings its own beauty which is said by local legend believed to be a robe of an angel who fell from Khayangan (sky).

In addition to the seven main levels, there are also 60 small levels that also functions as a reservoir (a kind of pool water). Of the many ponds, the only one that can be used for swimming, the pool is located on level two of the seven main levels.

Being situated in the protected forest area, you will feel cool air around waterfalls. The area is also an ideal habitat for various birds, butterflies are colorful, and various other animals.

The combination of natural panoramic beauty, chirping birds and dancing shouted multicolored butterflies, the main attraction of the region Moramo Waterfall.

The allure of not less interesting is the charm of rocks that make up levels. The rocks that make up that level was not slippery but the water flowed continuously, so you can climb to the top.


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