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30-01-2015, 17:53
Telun Berasap Waterfall is a nature tourism destination which is located in Kerinci District, Jambi Province. The water flows from Lake Gunung Tujuh, which is situated at an altitude of 50 meters. The surrounding people call the waterfall Telun Berasap (literally means water smoke) since the fast current of water falling down from the crag creating such water smoke.

There is a cave nearby the waterfall. However, the local inhabitants are not brave enough to enter the cave. The cave has numerous meandering alleys hence it is difficult to reach. Moreover, the fast current of the waterfall and its escarpment keep the cave isolated from tourists visiting Telun Berasap Waterfall.

Telun Berasap Waterfall offers you with the magnificent scenery of green nature and fresh air of surrounding areas. The water falling down from above sprays soft sprinkle water on the bottom of the waterfall. It is just like a white smoke called water smoke. The water’s grains spread beautiful colour when the sun shines brightly. The grains spout shining light like a rainbow.

The location Telun Berasap Waterfall can be found in Telun Berasap Village, Kayu Aro Sub-district, Kerinci District, Jambi Province, Indonesia.

02-02-2015, 12:40