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Anambas that is at the end of Sumatra touted ever become one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Southeast Asia. In the island, there are many beautiful islands. Anambas island in Indonesia is gaining popularity as liveaboard tour destination . in fact, Anambas is well known to marine lovers world wide.

Anambas is a district located on the northern tip of Sumatra Island, directly adjacent to Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore, precisely in the South China Sea. Anambas is a small district that was once a fraction of Natuna in Riau Islands Province.

Many people who say that the charm of the sea is very beautiful Anambas Island. Actually many foreign tourists who visit there. its wave is calm and clear water make the visitor can not wait to swim. The atmosphere is still making a curiosity long soak in sea water.

in addition to the beautiful island Anambas there also exist Waterfall Village Nerja Hulu Marais, District East Jemaja. There are still green forest with a view of a waterfall with two swimming baths.

There are also many encountered a fishing village on the sea with houses poles propped neatly arranged. From Genting Pulur and you also mengunjungi Pulau Dayang using motorized boat called Pompong by residents there.



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How to get there:

There are two options in how to get to Anambas Archipelago, namely:

Sea route: there are two ships serving the route to Anambas Islands, the Pelni Ship which has twice a week departures and pioneer ship which has two departure routes so that departure time is not fixed. If you use the sea route, it usually takes 18-20 hours trip.

Air route: You can start a departure from Tanjung Pinang and Batam towards Natuna Airport. From Natuna Airport, you can go to Matak using ground vehicles and then continued with a boat heading to Tarempa in Anambas Islands.