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In Medan we can find the hidden beautiful crater are exotic view. The name is White Crater Tinggi Raja (High King). This Crater, located in District Glare Kahean appeared and were among the limestone hill has its own exoticism. In contrast to the white crater in Bandung, White Crater Tinggi Raja surrounded by forest pandanus, the water is blue with chunks of sulfur that occur naturally as a thick layer of ice.


Sightseeing is not explored well, located in the middle of the forest tall trees make these places not popular yet, as like Toba Lake. White Crater Tinggi Raja located in an area of 176 hectares of nature reserve and possess the crater area of 4 hectares of land is like a pearl in the mud. While enjoying the scenery in this crater, the visitors will be enchanted by the beauty of white limestone hills and hot water beautiful flow resemble white snow.


Hot springs reach temperatures of around 90 degrees Celsius, White Crater Tinggi Raja is derived from the small hills in the area, so that hot water was able to boil an egg to mature. The flow of hot water flowing between the limestone rocks, this incident made the rock becomes white as snow. Some people call it the Snow Heat.


There are three routes that can access to get to the White Crater area Tinggi Raja, From Medan-Lubukpakam-Assemble-Dolok Tinggi Raja. From Masihul-Nagori Dolok-Dolok Tinggi Raja and from Medan-Lubukpakam-Assemble-Build-Dolok Ancient Tinggi Raja. All has the same mileage is 80-90 miles premises within 3-4 hours from Medan.

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