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27-01-2015, 17:42

Situ Kardi, just another name for Lake Tasikardi, is the reservoir of the water flowing from the Cibanten River. The lake, in the past, functioned to supply the water for the royal family of Surosowan Palace and the surrounding farming lands as irrigation. The water had to pass the filtering process before being used by the royal family of Surosowan Palace; Red, White, and Golden filtering processes.

Recently, Lake Tasikardi, along with the Great Mosque of Banten Province, Surosowon Palace, Kaibon Palace, Pasar Lama Serang, Speelwijk Fortress, and Avalokitesvara Buddhist Monastery, are under the management of the Banten Lama historical site. Those historical buildings are the witnesses to the glory of Banten Kingdom in the past. Likewise, it becomes one of the worth visiting historical destinations; a right place for you who are interested in the history.

Having a visit to Lake Tasikardi, you will experience two travelling sensations; historical tourism in the Banten Lama site and nature tourism on Lake Tasikardi. The lake existence is evidence to Banten Kingdom is advanced civilization, especially in agricultural sector.

The leafy trees and the green scenery of the wide rice fields around the lake is another feature that may attract you to spend leisure time with the family during holidays and weekend. Here you can feel the fresh air and watch the turquoise lake water while sitting beneath the available shelters or leaning upon the leafy trees. For you who love fishing so much, Lake Tasikardi is the right place to meet that hobby. Also, LakeTasikardi is the best camp ground in the province of Banten.

To improve your vacation more comfortable, you can take a visit to a 1936 square-metres island located 200 km away from the edge of Lake Tasikardi. You may take a rented boat to reach the island. You can find the remaining traces of Banten Kingdom such as a water reservoir, a pendopo (royal palace hall), and a royal bathing place for the sultan and his family. In addition, taking a sunset/sunrise view from this island will surely become an unforgettable moment, special for you.

Lake Tasikardi is located at Margasana Village, Kramatwatu Sub-district, Serang District, Banten Province,Indonesia.