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Not only Raja Ampat is popular in West Papua, but not less beautiful is Werur Beach. It is one of beautiful beaches in Papua. The beauty of the beach is so popular among tourists, both domestic and international. Never miss this stunning tourist destination when you are in West Papua. The beach has amazing scenery, making it the right place to relieve your stress. The sea water, the wind and the surrounding are all refreshing. You can take your family to this beautiful beach when the holiday comes, or at any time. The beach is not too crowded, so the atmosphere looks calm and peaceful.

Werur Beach is situated in Werur Village, Sausapor District, Tambraw Regency, West Papua Province. Tambraw Regency is the expansion of Sorong Regency in 2008. To reach the beach, it takes really hard work. The access to the village is quite difficult because you can only go there through sea route. There are only small pioneer boat that pass by once a week. The pioneer boat sails from Sorong - Werur - Wor - Saubeba - Wau - Waiben - Enbuan - Saokorem - Manokwari and vice versa. You only need to pay for Rp.50,000 (US$5.00) for one trip.

Because the beach is far from Sorong, it takes more time but the journey is quite fun as the scenery along the journey is so stunning. You can enjoy the beautiful sea and the amazing mountain around the beach.

You can do various activities, including exploration and playing in the beach. There are many things you can learn about this beach, such as the culture and the traditional way of life of the local people. You can enjoy sunset and sunrise view which had waiting for some tourist there. The flora and the fauna around the beach are also interesting objects to learn. You can also play in the beach and do water activities, such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, and more.


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Papua is not only Raja Ampat. Many awesome tourist marine destination is not less beautiful than Raja Ampat. One of the beaches is Werur Beach. You must be visiting this beautiful beach.
So many tourist marine destination offer the beautiful sunset and sunrise in Papua Island. Werur Beach is beautiful crystal clear sea water beach located in Village Werur, District Sausapor, Tambrauw Regency of West Papua Province.


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