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26-01-2015, 17:24

Rumah Bubungan Tinggi or Bubungan Tinggi House is the most valuable Banjar traditional house, because it usually constitutes as palace. It is one of 11 types of traditional houses that characterize the diversity of vernacular architecture in the area of South Kalimantan. In the hierarchy of traditional houses in the south Kalimantan, rumah bubungan tinggi occupies the highest levels, where the residence of the kings in the kesultanan banjar period. But in its development after the abolition of kesultanan banjar in the archipelago, some wealthy merchant who has a good economic capabilities, making the same house as prestigious interests.

Rumah Bubungan Tinggi cannot separated from the influence of south Kalimantan geographical context that has many rivers. Houses are growing and developing at the edge of the river, causing rapid growth and a strong influence on the existence of the house. However, such influence can be processed in harmony, without affecting the main elements such as the main form and its supporting elements. The influence that comes in only at enrichment chisel artwork and content of his house.

River is in a language called batang banyu then has underlie their lives ranging from language, transportation, economy, agriculture, housing and so on. River as a means of transportation have connected the various separate areas so that the developing economy and trade. No wonder the villages are located alongside a river and then more quickly evolved as the Hulu Barito, Tabalong and Martapura.

Rumah Bubungan Tinggi entirely built using natural resources that exist in South Kalimantan region itself. As we know, the island of Borneo has an abundant wealth, especially timber and forest products. The construction of a Rumah Bubungan Tinggi is usually a Ulin Wood. It is used for example on the roof which is then used as shingles, beams, and other structural parts.

This essay will discuss about the Rumah Bubungan Tinggi Teluk Selong where located in the Teluk Selong Ulu,Martapura. It house was built in 1867, with the owner of HM. Ariel, a wealthy merchant in his day. House ownership is now entirely held by the local government of Banjar district for preservation of cultural heritage architecture. Rumah Bubungan Tinggi is one of the few remaining house from scouring the time.