View Full Version : Enjoy the Beautiful Bande Alit Beach in Jember

23-01-2015, 15:25

Bandealit is one of interest tourism destination in Meru Betiri National Park. It has a pristine beach and many potentials tour object. In Bandealit, there is deer sanctuary, orchid green-house which offers orchid in Meru Betiri National Park which canít be found somewhere else.

This beach is located in the south of the town Jember, exactly 35 miles from downtown. The beach is adjacent to the beach Sukamade (Captive Turtle Beach Place) is known to calm the waves that blends with the beauty of the flora. Bandealit beach is perfect for visitors who enjoyed the sport of nature because the field is headed to the beach tend to challenge.


In Bandealit, the visitors can enjoy bodysurfing here, and the board is available in this beach. This activity is secure for beginner, as the wave is regular and not so big. There are many fishermen boats in Bandealit, that visitors can enjoy grilled fresh fish.

On the east of Bandealit beach there is a vast estuary resembles to a lake. This estuary is overgrown with Sonneratia caseolaris mangrove. Then in this estuary located a guest house. The guest house is equipped by fresh water from mountain.


Activities can be undertaken on the east estuary are birdwatching, canoing and exploring river using speedboat. On dry season, the estuary is suitable for canoeing while in rainy season the estuary is dry. For, photography enthusiasts, the atmosphere of panoramic beauty of the beaches and forests are great for photographers. The current challenge for photographers is aiming for animals living in Bande Alit, including banteng (Bos javanicus).

If you want to go to this beach, it can be reached from Surabaya, we headed into town Jember, then stop in the area Ambulu (Jember). Drupal is a place to take care of licensing toward to the beach Bande alit. After that we can using the car to the last new Curahnongko Bandealit with road time from Drupal to Bande Alit about 3 hours (31 miles).