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22-01-2015, 16:45
Welcome to Orchid Garden Sri Soedewi - Taman Anggrek Prof. Dr. Sri Soedewi SH - Jambi


This orchid garden is located on Ahmad Yani Street. These attractions provide information about orchid. An attraction which is highly recommended for those of you who love gardening, especially for those of you who loved plants, especially orchids, surely you know that taking care of orchids is not easy, it takes extra patience and treatments are expensive and should not be arbitrary, so it was natural that the price is high.

Tourist attractions in Jambi is much visited by fans of interest from within and outside the city. You can find more than 60 varieties of orchids in the garden area of 2.5 hectares. To be able to see firsthand these beautiful flowers, you will be charged 2,000 indonesia rupiah for adults and for children 1,500 indonesia rupiah.

You will not go home empty-handed from Taman Anggrek Sri Soedewi because there are flower seeds are supplied free of charge for you to take home.