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22-01-2015, 16:25

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Sipin Lake - is a natural lake that is not something familiar to the general public Jambi city. Sipin lake or called by the local people there with the name "Solok Sipin " (Solok = lake), the cool breeze that blows able to immerse the visitors who come to the place 's attractions Sipin lake with cool and comfortable atmosphere.

Location and Accommodation Sipin lake itself is located on the outskirts of the city of Jambi. Situated at Simpang Sipin Buluran Recognize, Telanaipura District, the city of Jambi . Or rather in addition Unja Faculty of Medicine (University Negeri Jambi ). To go to this Sipin lake location, you can choose what you want to transportation use.

If you have private vehicle you can use it, however, if you you have to use public transport, you do not need to worry, because the city of Jambi city transport is available to serve you to get to the location of the lake Sipin .

If you use your private vehicle, you can easily find the location of the lake Sipin. Because, even though it is located suburban Jambi , natural lake located in Simpang Buluran Recognize that have tremendous appeal is quite well known in the city of Jambi , if you already know the Faculty of Medicine Unja, you certainly can find the location of the lake Sipin . And you also do not hesitate to ask any questions to the people around.

However, if you use public transport , you can use public transportation or major route Broni - Telanaipura - across. Or public transportation with majors across the blue, public transportation Rawasari departs from the terminal , and the bus driver to make sure that public transportation that cross the Buluran.

Sipin lake has a very beautiful natural panorama. In the middle of the lake there are some fish cages have been deliberately created by the fish farmers, and also there is a stage house that is used as a resting place of the fish farmers, fish - farmed fish also vary, ranging from tilapia fish, to carp and tilapia, essentially all type of freshwater fish. The lake is very crowded when evening had come, a lot of people who visit the city of Jambi here to enjoy the evening breeze, and the view of the sunset. This place was very crowded with visitors during hours has showed at 16:00 pm, the Lake area will be very crowded Sipin rare little to no congestion. It usually always happens on weekdays (from Monday to Friday), even when on holidays like Saturday and Sunday.