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Tagalaya is one of the marine islands located along the front of Tobelo Town. This island has a calm ocean currents with a wide stretch of white sandy beaches surrounding the island. The water are crystal clear water. At the northern tip of the island there are beautiful coral rocks.

An alternative path is to hire a speedboat. Coral reefs rich with marine life are found at a depth of 2 to 10 meters off the coast of Tagalaya. Mangroves grow out of white sand and is surrounded by corals, make diving here a unique experience. You can also watch the locals fishing here. It will give special experience for those of you who like dive. Islands Tagalaya very fitting for the holiday weekend with family. This Tagalaya island tourism Indonesia is Heaven on Earth. This is like the rival of Raja Ampat on West Papua, because this tourism destination gives the beautiful panorama and the kindness of the local people. It might have to you to come and stay a few days in Tagalaya. There are some cottage offer the facilities depend on your choice.

Tagalaya Island is one of the islands along the front of Tobelo town. Can be reached for about 20 minutes by ketinting boat.

Available on public transportation called ketinting boat from Dufa-dufa harbor by Tobelo-Tagalaya route.



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