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20-01-2015, 10:46

Pacitan is one of the regency that has many beautiful tourism. It is a regency located in the southwestern East Java Province, with Central Java Province on its west border. Pacitan is also called a city with 1001 caves. Because you can find thousands of caves in Pacitan. Not only has some exotica caves, also has beautiful beach tourism object like other beaches in Indonesia. Banyu Tibo beach is one of beautiful beach in South Ocean.

Banyu Tibo is a Javanese phrase for falling water. It has a small waterfall falling down from a river at the top of the cliff. This name clearly describes situation of the beach where one of beach corner, on a big rock, flows waterfall which falls directly to the beach. On the left and right of the beach, there are big rocks which are towering and sturdy, adding the exotic of Banyu Tibo beach.


There is a waterfall at the edge of the beach, not only you can play water as you like, you can also play under the waterfall. You can enjoy this moment with your friends or families. Interestingly, even though the waterfall is located near the beach, the water is not salty, because it is fresh water from the rivers and mountains in the area of Pacitan. Besides playing water, if you like fishing, you can catch fish there. Usually every evening, Banyu Tibo beach is full of local people who want to catch fish. Because the cliff is on the top of beach, you can try the rock fishing technique to enjoy your fishing.

After you are satisfied visiting Banyu Tibo beach, it's not wrong, if you stop at Nampu beach, which is located not far from Banyu Tibo beach. This beach also gives other beauty of the Pacitan land. You can drop in this beach because is take same line Banyu Tibo beach.

The beach is still located not far from Buyutan, still in Widoro village. Situated at Widoro village, Donorejo sub-district, Pacitan, East Java. It is located around 110 kilometers from Solo city. The distance to the beach is closer if you begin your trip from Solo, Central Java, than from Surabaya, East Java. To reach this beach, you can use public transportation or private vehicle. If you take public transportation from Solo, you have to take a bus to Pracimantoro, then taking local transportation until Widoro village, then you have to walk around 4 kilometer to Banyu Tibo beach. If you are use private vehicle, you take the same line, but if you go by motorcycle, you can drive until the beach. If you drive a private car, you can park at the last village, around 2 kilometer from the beach. There is a small road to get to the beach, which only fits one car, but it is advisable to park the car at a villager's house close to the main road and take a walk to the beach. The view while walking down the hill to the small cove is already a spectacle.


15-04-2016, 16:48
Banyu Tibo Beach, it was originally from Java Language. Banyu means Water, and Tibo means Fall. It has meaning beach which have water fall on. Banyu tibo is located in Widoro village, subdistric of Donorojo, Pacitan City. This beach actually is in one line with Srau Beach, Watu Karung Beach, Klayar Beach, and Ngiroboyo Beach but using a different road.