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Kediri Puhsarang church is one of the local tourism objects of religious (Christian) Karachi city mainstay to this day. The church is located in the village Puhsarang, Semen district, Kediri East Java, about 10 km south-west city of Karachi and is right on the slopes of Mount Wilis Kediri.

Kediri Puhsarang church was founded at the initiative of Wolters CM Romo January with the help of renowned architect at the time, Ir. Henricus Maclaine Pont in the 1930s. January Wolters CM Romo was a lover with all the Javanese culture.


Kediri Puhsarang church has a unique shape with a high-value architecture. Puhsarang enter the complex, seemed to enter a temple, very much the stones. The area surrounding the church is indeed producing stone, a round oval shape. This apparently inspired the Dutch architect who care about the context of local architecture and culture, as well as the potential of their local area.

In the complex there is a miniature of the old church Gua Maria Lourdes which is a replica of a statue of Maria Lourdes. Around a small statue in a cave above inscribed brass using the Java language Dutch spelling: IBOE Maria ingkang pinoerba without original sin, Moegi mangestonana kawoela ingkang ngoengsi in Panjenengan Dalem. (Our Lady contained no stain of original sin, pray for me to come take refuge in You).


The church is all aspects of local culture and philosophy of religion mixed in with the architectural from of a peace and harmony. It can be seen from the Multipurpose Building Emmaus Puhsarang very unique, like a boat and mountains, with a similar structure and architecture of the church Puhsarang, steel roof was put on the stretch, without the wooden frame on the roof as the other usual Java buildings, combined with an acute form also typical.

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