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Samber Gelap island is a hidden paradise island in Kotabaru, South Kalimantan. The island has incredible beautiful scenery. With soft white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water combine with the blue sky. For this island requires a fairly long time. Located in Sebuku sub-district, Kotabaru district, Banjarmasin. From Kotabaru, it is for about 2 hours by speedboat. We can see many wonderful place during the road to this island. Not only of great natural charm, but also a breeding Samber Gelap hatchlings. On the night, visitors can see nesting directly.

Samber Gelap beach has very soft sand and white, the waves are not too big so nice for sunbathing and swimming would be a very appropriate location. The scenery underwater sea is wonderful, many activities we can do like diving, jet ski, banana boat or snorkeling to see closer to the beautiful fish and coral reef.

At Samber Gelap there is the turtle Conservation can be an additional alternative for tourism development so expect the preservation of turtles can also be maintained because of tours that “sale” is a turtle populations with spawning activity. For a study like this it is necessary for the proper management to avoid ha-things that can damage ecosystems and the turtle population.



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well ! i really want it ! But now i'm not enough money to travel !

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This place look so beautiful ! I like it !

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