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14-01-2015, 12:09


Since Batik was declared by UNESCO as one of the world heritage on october 2nd 2009, the popularity of batik has significantly increased. Many people have worn batik for many occasions such as attending the wedding reception, working at office or going sightseeing. Batik has become familiar in our daily life. However, there's something more about batik that not many people know.

If we gone to Solo there is Kampung Batik Laweyan and Kauman, in Cirebon is well-known as Batik Trusmi, so we also can find in Banjarmasin has Kampung Sasirangan as Batik Sasirangan.

Sasirangan is traditional cloth that originally come from South Borneo, its similar with Batik, but it has different of making process. The motive is colorful look like Batik Jumputan in Java. In Banjarmasin, there is a place called Kampung Sasirangan which located near Waterfront , Sub-district Kampung Melayu, opposite of Siring Martapura park. It just takes about 15 minutes from the Sabilal Muhtadin mosque. You can buy Sasirangan in the stores that provide many kind of clothes with reasonable price. The price is depend on the size and fabric of cloth. In this Village, we can find the manufacturers process of making batik Sasirangan. Now, we can get many products not only cloth, but also Sasirangan provides with variable products like, dress, wallets, shoes, sandals and bags.