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14-01-2015, 10:37

Floating market is a traditional market where you can witness or do activity in river market by using boat directly. We don't need go to Thailand or Vietnam, in Indonesia also there is an unique floating market. We called "Pasar Terapung" in Indonesian. The floating market is located in Banjarmasin, exactly at the junction of the river of Barito and Kuin. Floating market in Banjarmasin is a reflection of Banjar culture that has been going on long time ago.

In Banjarmasin, south Kalimantan, there are a hundreds rivers that become the important transportation route until now. The tourism objects focus on the river, like floating market of Muara Kuin in Banjarmasin city. When the sun rises, go to this market that reflect the light in the morning between the transactions of vegetables and crops from villages along Barito river and its tributaries.


The floating market of Muara Kuin is a traditional floating market located on the Barito river, Kuin river mouth, Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Traders and buyers use "jukung", the name of boat in Banjar language. This market is started after shubuh prayer until 09.00 o'clock. The specialness of this market is the barter system still used between Boating merchant (in Banjarnese called bapanduk). The woman traders (dukuh), which boating, sell their own production result, whereas the second hand that is bought from woman traders (dukuh) for later resel called "panyambangan".

Banjarmasin as the province mother city is a trade and tourism center. Banjarmasin city got the nickname as the City of Water because of its land location is a few centimetres below sea level. Banjarmasin city, has an area of approximately 72 square miles or approximately 0.22 percent of the area of South Kalimantan. This city is split by Martapura river that give the thew for the society life especially the utilization of the river as water transportation, commerce, and tourism. Besides floating market in Muara Kuin, Banjarmasin, the other floating market that can be visited is in Lok Baintan, which is located in Martapura river.

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