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12-01-2015, 11:02
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Welcome to luxury accommodation in unspoilt surrounds at Hotel Sumba Nautil Resort. Sure to amaze are our immaculate cottages and gourmet 'wine and dining' in the heart of Indonesia's most traditional and beautiful islands.
Hotel Sumba Nautil Resort is located on the remote southwestern coast of the island. The 50 minutes direct flight from Bali to Tambolaka is full owed by 2 hours scenic drive from the airport to the resort.Otherwise you can land at Waingapu: the scenic trip through the island will take 4 hours to the Hotel. Flights every day alternately to Tambolaka and Waingapu, in & out.

Situated on sloping hills, our 7 secluded and luxurious cottages offer a haven in an idyllic setting of Western comfort and stunning views. All cottages at Sumba Nautil Resort are built in accordance with traditional pratices using local materials, traditional artifacts, with air-conditioning and large windows. The cottages, hand-built by Indonesian craftsman, have a terrace offering spectacular views on the endless Indian Ocean with its dramatic cliffs and the sloping Sumbanese headlands.

Contact us:
Sumba Nautil Resort
Desa Patiala Bawa
Kacamatan Lamboya
Sumba Barat, NTT
Phone France :
(33) 228 11 40 56
(33) 647 86 94 35
Cellular Indonesia :
(62) 813 39 55 86 52
(62) 813 37 47 16 70