View Full Version : Arumdalu Private Resort in Belitung Island

06-01-2015, 14:44
Arumdalu is the first and the only eco luxury Private Resort in Belitung island, Indonesia. Located in south of Belitung, we position ourselves in a 45 hectares beachfront rainforest with a 800m long private white beach. With our organic ideology, we preserve the nature surrounds us while enhancing the local culture creatively.

One of Arumdalu's focuses is to develop the local community through hospitality training and job creation through the creative industry. Our Belitung Batik development and local souvenirs creation has proved itself to be a starting point as an effective agent for change

For reservation, please kindly contact:
Telephone : +6281 9494 30545, +6281 9276 07626 or +6281 6807 389
Email : info@arumdalubelitung.com
Website : www.arumdalubelitung.com


11-10-2015, 17:06
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