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Many years ago, first VOC gave the nickname of Batu as De Kleine Switzerland which means Small Switzerland in Java, just in Batu there is no snow. This is due to the geographical conditions Batu similar to Switzerland. A city surrounded by mountains (valley).

You can enjoy the beauty of the city is one of the Batu Mount Banyak. Whether day or night, this place serves different shades of beauty. Batu town which is not too large (only consists of 3 sub-district), you can enjoy from the western of Batu city that borders the Pujon which is one of the sub-district of Malang.

Mount Banyak is located in Songgokerto village, Batu district, Malang, East Java. Mount Banyak also has beautiful and wonderful natural scenery. This mount is tourism object that being applied for unique sport called ‘Paralayang’ or ‘Gantole’ and down hill sport. Paralayang sport is free flying sport just like a bird. It is free natural sport. This sport is only done on hill and mountain. The athletes have to used wind to fly and enjoy the free air. The ordinary performed event or paralayang champion both international and national storey is often held in Mount Banyak.

Mount Banyak was facilitated with resting place and Paralayang bases. You will enjoy the beautiful nature scenery in Mount Banyak and also meet with some Paralayang athletes. From the sky, you can look around the scenery Batu town like a bird. If you are interesting to try this sport, the guide will accompany you and feel the nature adventure in Mount Banyak Paralayang.



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