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24-12-2014, 17:38
Panderman Mountain

Mount Panderman is popular with the name as the iconic nature of Batu City. Wherever you are in the area of Batu City, this mountain will always appear and become an interesting background. The peak can be seen clearly from the bottom, but even though its peak was impressed not so high, to get there you need excellent stamina because the road leading to the top of the climb is quite sharp and tiring. If you happened to be in Batu City square, then the mountain with a height of 2045 meters this will be a sort of "backdrop" to the square of the famous Batu City with its Ferris wheel.

Come to Mount Panderman is not enough if you are not doing anything like climbing. To climb Mount Panderman there are two paths: the first lane is a common pathway that is already widely known through Toyomerto Hamlet, Village Guesthouse. The second pathway could be said not much to know because this pathway is not a common path and there are no facilities such as parking and clean water because it is not designed for those who are going to climb Mount Panderman; but this track is actually a kind of "shortcuts" to get at the top, and for members of the lovers of nature in the Batu City, this path is precisely the path of their favorites. The members of Batu nature lovers used to call the track "Heavy Bull." A track is quite challenging because in some corner of the hill slope is almost reached 90 degrees, and can only be passed by climbing.

The scenery along this second path is not less beautiful with the first track but quite dangerous. Climbers will pass through the edge of a very steep rainfall bull yet so beautiful. If lucky, climbers can bring home the edelweiss flower which is widely available around Rainfall Bull. To pass this pathway from Batu City, climbers must be towards the direction of Kusuma Agro Hotel, and continued to ride through a pretty uphill paved road to the point of beginning of the climb.




13-01-2015, 17:49
Batu is well-known as a city once known as "De Kleine Switzerland" or Little Switzerland in Java.



11-10-2017, 16:07
It's a really beautiful place.

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