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Mamasa locally is no less rich in the neighboring region (Tana Toraja) and policing in the arts and cultural sector and tourism potential. Because Mamasa geographically well located at a strategic location and position of the same.

So that became the pride and its own opportunities for these coffee-producing areas to lift the sector as a potential leading sectors dn forward. Mamasa also proven at this time remains a destination for tourists visiting tourists and local people.

Only recognized, one of the main obstacles for this to develop the tourism potential in the area iu due to road transport facilities are still lacking support. Thus leading to the site can take a little time or too late to place of destination. But, about the richness and beauty of natural objects, especially tourism and the arts and culture, Mamasa also no less good and beautiful in other areas which also have special characteristics and distinctive charm.

To that end, Regency Mamasa always expect help and attention from the provincial government Sulbar for revamping all the existing infrastructure. Because of the attention that must be mutually supportive in order to achieve acceleration of the economic turnaround and development in the District this Mamasa. Mamasa so also will be a pillar of development in Sulbar who happened immediately adjacent northern part of Tana Toraja as one of the mainstay of South Sulawesi in the tourism sector.

Need to Empower On tap Sector

Mamas District development opportunities to become an advanced region with a very large investment objectives. Geographically, the area has tremendous potential and is quite promising.

Call it the potential of natural and other sectors that are currently still need a touch and good management as well as the maximum that desperately need a touch of outside investors. All the leading sectors are actually supposed to be empowered and get serious attention. So that the PAD will be able to contribute to the acceleration of regional development.

Currently the center of attention Mamasa district government in order to support accelerated development and economic progress with implementing improvements transportai pathway. Both in cities and villages and subdistricts antr for smooth wheels of the economy and development of all sectors. Mamasa in a short time has been much progress in road repair call it the city has been smooth with concrete roads.

Mamasa is still very much a need to be addressed both facilities and other infrastructure. That is, when compared with other districts that have been advanced, Mamasa more hard work needed to build the entire sector. To catch it. The reason, various poteni owned that area will follow the development of other districts are

The role and participation of private sector together in the Regency area to promote all leading sectors there continues to receive priority attention as an investment asset for the realization of which becomes the gate Mamasa development in the province of West Sulawesi.



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