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16-12-2014, 17:08
Karapan Sapi



Bull race or it's known as Karapan Sapi is a race bull originating from Madura, East Java. In this traditional race, two cows paired and attract the timber trains ridden by a jockey men. Generally, the track spacing of about 100 to 180 meters with a long race between 10 to 16 seconds. The presence of bull race (karapan sapi) in Madura is based on an extensive farm conditions, and many residents of Madura who kept farming animals such as cows and buffaloes as an assistant to helping them in farm. Because of this, it gradually emerges bull race show.

This bull race has become a symbol of prestige that can enhance the dignity and the prestige of the Madurese, because this race is almost used very good quality of cow.

Today, bull race has become a tourist attraction destination for many local and foreign tourists. In bull race event, the audience not only served by the faster cow on race and the jockey agility, but before the race start, the owner will be parading their bull.

Karapan Sapi, before the start of the owners usually do the ritual procession of cows accompanied by musical instruments around races blend seronen Madura typical music instrument making this event a more festive.

In addition to the race, karapan sapi is also being an arena of the people party and traditions that could raise the prestige and social status. For those who want to follow the karapan sapi competition, they have to spend a large amount of money to train and treat the cows before they compete in a race. To form the body of a cow that healthy and strong, it will take a cost up to Rp 4 million per pairs of cow for food or other maintenance. The cow are given by various herbs and dozens of eggs per day, more when they nearly of the race day.

Karapan Sapi is usually held in every town court on the island of Madura, as Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamengkasan, and Sumenep. To get to the location of Bull race, you can use public transport to cross the Strait of Madura passes through Suramadu Bridge.