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11-12-2014, 17:39
Waterfall Haratai Loksado



The tourist attraction located in village Haratai district Loksado, sub-district in Upper South River, South Kalimantan. Loksado located approximately 40 kilometers east Kandangan, the Meratus Mountain region is region that is home to the remains of the people/ person Banjar (Dayak tribe) are largely still adheres to animistic beliefs.

Waterfall Haratai has a natural charm of the mountains are still beautiful. The natural clear water flowing for 24-hours non-stop. Really very amazing blend between man and nature. Visit the village Haratai incomplete if not visit the waterfall Haratai. If you want to get there, you had to travel without vehicle, because located approximately 1.5 kilometers from Hall Haratai. You can just take a walk see the various types of trees and a suspension bridge under it there are Amandit River.

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