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Kemaro Island


Kemaro Island is one of the romance destination in Palembang because behind there is romantic love story. Once upon a time there was a princess Palembang her named is Siti Fatimah, she has beautiful face and very charming. So many rich young men come and try to make relationship with her, Tan Bun An apparently wasn’t an ordinary sailor. He is the crown prince of the kings of China who intend to make a trade with the kingdom of Palembang and King Palembang thread Tan bun an with respect.
Until one time, Tan Bun An meet with Siti Fatimah, he interesting with how beautiful she is. And Siti Fatimah also interested with the figure of a handsome young man and full of the manners just like Tan Bun An, Then both of them fall in love. Because of that's why Kemaro Island call romance island.

Kemaro Island is a small island in that stretches over Musi River. It separates the opposite side of the pit and ilir Palembang. In Indonesian, Kemaro Island means the same as the Dry Island. It said, because the island is never flooded by water even during high tide the Musi river experience. Kemaro Island is always visited by people whose especially Tiong Hoa,which is they come to celebrate Cap Go Meh.

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