View Full Version : The Reddish Lake Tahai - Palangkaraya

09-12-2014, 10:31

Lake Tahai is located in the village of Tahai, Tumbang Tahai sub-district, Bukit Batu district, Palangkaraya. This lake is very interesting place to visiting when you are holiday in Central Kalimantan. To reach this location is very convenient, which only takes for about 30 minutes from central Palangkaraya either by using two-wheel vehicles and four-wheel vehicles, with the pretty good road.

Lake Tahai has an unusual water color. The water color is not green or blue, but reddish. The red color is comes from the roots of trees on peat land. Usually, tourists that come to Lake Tahai are not just wanted see the unique color of the water, but also to enjoy the rural atmosphere on the edge of the woods.

Around Tahai Lake, you can see many houses that float on the surface of the lake. The house is called rumah Lanting. It is a quite interesting tourist attractions in Lake Tahai. Still on the lake, visitors can walk over the bridge that connects the road to the forest.


Not only just seeing the scenery, you can do the activities like visiting Fantasy Beach during a visit to Lake Tahai, like playing games a swan boats, paddle boats or even walk for a while. Not far from the lake, there is a captive orangutans belong to Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) near the Arboretum. It is the best destination if you are arrive to spend your weekend in Lake Tahai. Also the breeding will open to the public, you can see the cute orangutans directly from the cage.