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09-12-2014, 10:04
Hotel Tugu Lombok is located on the pristine, miles and miles of virgin white sand beach of Sire, on the northwest coast of the island. Neighboring this tropical haven is a beautiful 18 hole-golf course and virgin landscapes, traditional thatched roofed huts and empty green fields where local life continues in today’s age much the same as it has done for centuries.

In 1894, a priceless volume of an ancient manuscript was found at the Puri Cakranegara in Lombok by a Dutch historian by the name of Brandes. Soon enough, this manuscript was identified as the only surviving and most important record of the ancient Hindu era of Majapahit, a vast kingdom that was the most prosperous of all times and reigned through most of the archipelago.

The manuscript, known as the Negara Krtagama, has recorded years of history telling from mouth to mouth; hundreds-years-old archeological findings; discoveries among villages in Lombok which were sequentially Buddhist, Hindu, and Bayanist among a predominantly Moslem community around the island and the Chinese Peranakan community in the town of Ampenan.

Sire Beach, Sigar Penjalin Village, Tanjung, Lombok, Indonesia
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