View Full Version : A popular Nambo beach, Abeli - Kendari

08-12-2014, 14:39
Nambo beach is popular marine tourism object in Kendari located in sub-district of Abeli. From Kendari, the distance is around 12 kilometers and it can be reached for about 30 minutes. The trip to the beach is fun. You will go along the Kendari strait that full of mangrove forests and also enjoy fishermen villages.The beach has the stretch of white sand for about 300 meters. The waves of water are quite calm with clear water. The beach will be full of visitors on Sunday and holiday. They want to spend the time with friends and family together. You can stroll along the coastline on the fine sand. From the distance, you can see so many people playing water, running, or swimming. Even, you will have a chance to see Bajo tribe village from the coastline. As fishermen, they search the fish in the middle of the sea. If you are thirsty, you can taste the freshness of young coconut.