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28-11-2014, 15:26

Campago Center is located on a beautiful hill with the cool air and a safe life and peaceful, exactly in the village of Bulek Campago Cuguak, Koto Salayan Mandiangin Bukittinggi, 4 km from the center of Bukittinggi. To get to the location can be reached by land transportation within 10 minutes from downtown Bukittinggi and 1 hour 45 minutes from Padang. Campago Hall stands on 8038 m2 land with an area of 3054 m2 consists of 2 pieces VIP building, 1 piece of the main building consists of 3 rooms and 17 Superior standard rooms, all equipped with furniture. Existing facilities in Central Campago is a versatile space with a capacity of 40 people, tennis courts, a lobby, a lounge deck, jogging track, an outdoor coffee shop, view decks, towers, small mosque and adequate parking. Facility in the near future will be added to the swimming pool and playground. From Central Campago can be seen throughout the vibrant city Bukittingi, such as 2 pieces that lined mountains encircling the city of Bukittinggi and traditional houses that lie beneath the Campago Hill.




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