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27-11-2014, 12:32
Watu Ulo Beach



Watu Ulo Beach is a very beautiful beach in East Java. It is only 33 kilometers to the south from Jember, exactly Desa Suberejo kecamatan Ambulu.There is special thing about the beach, which is different from any other beaches in Java Island. A big stone on the bank of beach called ‘Watu Ulo’ (Stony Snake) is unique. The clean and sandy beach is around 2 kilometers long. When you cross the mountainous jungle, either on foot or by vehicle to the west bank, you will find the beautiful white sandy beaches of Malikan called “Tanjung Papuma”. There are fishing boats and local cafes. Enjoy seafood BBQ and a Watu Ulo special menu. Camping is also available on the beach. Usually there are not many visitors. The beach is noisy and very busy on the special occasions such as at New Year and Idul Fitri.