View Full Version : Tri Arga Building/ Bung Hatta Palace, Bukittinggi - West Sumatra

20-11-2014, 15:05

Palace of Bung Hatta or Tri Arga State Building is located in the center of Bukittinggi exactly in front of the Clock Tower park. Once, in 1946 this building in use as the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia first, Drs. Mohammad Hatta, and in 1947 the building was in use as the Emergency Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Now, change the name of this building in a building Bung Hatta Palace. for the services of Mohammad Hatta as the Proclaimers. Do not imagine that would be magnificent palaces like those in fictional tales. Palace of Bung Hatta had ample courtyard with two main buildings. The first building houses a large sieve typical Minang people. Other buildings elongated shaped house. In front of the entrance courtyard roof is given. You could say this building can be called a mini palace. In front of the complex and in addition there is a statue of Bung Hatta. At the front of Bung Hatta statue made only half the weight. While on the side of the statue complex Bung Hatta made in full with more than 2 meters high.