View Full Version : Serunai A traditional music instrument of Minangkabau

05-09-2014, 13:48

Minangkabau (local tribe in West Sumatra) has some kind of traditional wind instruments. One of them is Serunai, the bamboo musical instrument that has a function similar to the clarinet.

Serunai is usually played in traditional events, such as the ritual batagak panghulu. In addition, pentatonic pitched instrument is also often played in my spare time when people go to the rice field.

Serunai is a wind musical instrument made of two pieces of wood or hollow bamboo with different sizes. Small rod called a puput (pupuik). This rod is hand blown by the player and serves as a sound source. Larger trunks have four or more holes, and serves as a stylist tone. Both parts are connected into a major component of the Serunai.

In addition to the main component, there are other components that are complementary. The component is a mouthpiece that is connected to the front side of the flute. This mouthpiece is usually made from buffalo horn or wood cork with the front side made getting bigger. The function of the funnel is to increase the volume of sound produced flute.

Such a treasure for your music instrument collection from West Sumatra.

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