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Sego Cawuk is one of signature dishes from Banyuwangi, Sego in Javanese mean rice, while Cawuk is like taking by hand. Like its name, sego cawuk is consist of rice with various condiments that directly taken by the seller with hand. We can choose the side dish and condiment that we like into the plate, together with the vegetables or broth. Other signature from this dish is taken from coconut gravy and cucumber slices, grated coconut and roasted corn. The taste of sego cawuk is spicy and savory, it rich and complex.

This dish is particularly breakfast menu and commonly available in the morning, and we can choose condiment like spicy steam fish, salted egg, any kind of meat and chicken and it serves in piece of banana leave.

While we travel in Banyuwangi, there are some breakfast spots that presenting sego cawuk, like Mak Mantih stall in Prejengan village, Rogijampi sub-district or Mak Sri stall in Kepatihan district, Banyuwangi.