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24-10-2013, 11:27

Mapandes or tooth filing ceremony is a symbol of control over the Sad Ripu or six enemies in man which includes Kama (lust), Loba (greedy), Krodha (anger), Mada (drunk), Moha (confusion), and Matsarya (envy ).

In the palm Kala Pati mentioned that the cutting teeth as a sign of one's status changes to be a better human being, that is righteous and holy man so that later in life when the soul dies, they can meet with the ancestors in heaven Loka.

In the palm of Sang Hyang Yama mentioned that the tooth filing ceremony to be executed when a man has been stepped up, marked with menstruation for women and an enlarged sound for ma. Usually, it appeared at a time when the age of 14 years.

The purpose of tooth filing ceremony can be seen further than Kalapati palm, which stated that the teeths that are rubbed or trim is six pieces: two canine teeth and the incisors in the upper four.





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